You can literally feel good about buying our shirts. They didn’t come from a sweat shop and the inks we use are better for the environment. 


At Shelter Swag, we use only water-based inks for all of our designs. Not only are they eco-friendly, the inks leave your shirt with that soft-to-the-hand touch. Most silk-screened shirts are made using plastisol ink, which is made from PVC giving your shirt designs that thick, vinyl feel. Not only are phthalates potentially harmful to human health, they’re also released into our ecosystem during the printing and curing process, resulting in cumulative harm to our environment.  


Shelter Swag is also looking out for workers as well. We only purchase shirt brands that we know are made in W.R.A.P. certified factories and adhere to Fair Labor Association guidelines & workplace code of conduct; that means our shirts are made in sweatshop-free facilities. We want to make sure that everyone involved in the process of making our products has integrity with regard to their employees and the environment. Shelter Swag wouldn’t have it any other way – and we know you agree.

And Hygge, our Quality Control Supervisor, wanted to remind you that we ship your items in eco-friendly packaging, too.

Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly


We put the "wag" in swag; so you not only look good but you'll feel even better wearing our merch.


Help us fill up the Hygge Bank so we can made a withdraw to pay out the neediest shelters with volunteer t-shirts!


We work with animal shelters and rescues to help all companion animals find loving, forever homes.

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