Meet the Team

Bradley, Customer Service Manager


Need some support? Bradley is here to help. With that smile, he’ll make sure you get answers to your questions and whatever else you might need. 


Bradley is a lifelong learner and hopes to one-day be a professional therapy dog. His skills include volunteering and acting, as well as sitting with his head resting on your lap for hours and offering whatever comfort you might need (provided you never stop petting him). 


Bradley’s passion for people is so strong he will knock over whoever and whatever stands in the way of getting to a potential new friend. Bradley barely passed Dog Training 101, and 13 years later is still working on his Canine Good Citizen certification.


There’s not a problem Bradley can’t fix, so try him! Email support. We want everyone who deals with Shelter Swag to come away with a smile like Bradley’s.

Hygge, Quality Control Supervisor

Hygge believes that every one of our tees should come with his “stamp” of approval. If your shirt arrives with an orange cat hair on it, you know that it’s passed Hygge’s rigorous inspection!


Hygge was adopted as a kitten and named after the Danish word that means comfort and coziness. While Hygge is the sweetest moosh-ball right before he fully wakes up in the morning, after that is the moment where name similarities end. 


Our crazy, ginger feline loves to do zoomies around the house and stops to examine everything. 


You can be rest assured that all products coming from Shelter Swag are quality checked but in the unlikely event that Hygge didn’t catch something please reach out to Bradley and we’ll make it right.

Clawdette, Chief Financial Queen

Clawdette is Shelter Swag’s Chief Financial Queen, as well as the queen of the house. Bradley will attest that nobody messes with the queen.


Clawdette developed her tough-as-nails, scratch-your-face-off demeanor from her first job as a self-employed barn cat. When a life-threatening event brought her inside to heal, Clawdette decided to remain a permanent indoor cat and took over rule of the house. To this day, her minions never question her authority (well, sometimes Hygge does but Bradley NEVER).


It just made sense that Clawdette, now 14, should watch over the “Hygge Bank”. Initially, we thought Hygge would be in charge of the bank bearing his name. Then we realized he didn’t have the maturity or ethical disposition required for the job – he would just use the money to buy himself more food.

If you have questions about the Hygge Bank or our work with shelters and rescues, please contact Clawdette’s assistants.

Linda Bak, co-founder

Linda’s first venture into animal welfare was volunteering at a fledgling horse rescue in California. Coming from a business and sales background, Linda knew that in order to get people to not only buy into the mission but also support it, the rescue needed better marketing and communication materials.


She designed a brochure for the rescue’s programs and shirts for the volunteers who wore them proudly out in the community. She started sending regular e-newsletters to volunteers and the local community with updates and heartwarming stories about the rescued horses. Together with the volunteers, she executed a large-scale mission driven expo event and attracted corporate sponsors, the horse community’s trainers and experts, and large donors. With that, Linda had found her calling – she would use her business experience to help homeless animals.


Over the next 10 years, Linda went on to become a successful Development Manager, Director of Development and Philanthropy, Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) and consultant for animal welfare nonprofits. 


During that time, Linda realized that while most rescues and shelters were using similar programs to save animals, they operated their businesses individually without taking advantage of bulk purchasing, design or marketing. In 2019, Linda decided it was time to help more than one animal group at a time and was inspired to co-found Shelter Swag. 

Sharie Lesniak, co-founder

While volunteering with protesters outside an animal circus and each person holding a different hand-made sign, Sharie knew their message would be more effective if they all spoke together with one strategic voice — just like the advertising campaigns she worked on while at one of the top five advertising agencies in the world. That’s where she honed her skills, enticing consumers to buy everything from Gap clothes to Nissan cars to Absolut Vodka, but came to realize her talents could also help animal advocates more effectively sell their message.


The dot-com crash was the kick Sharie needed to jump in and help animals full time as the Creative Director of a wildlife organization, crafting campaigns and building its brand. When the animal circus came to town this time, a multi-faceted campaign with a single, powerful image and strong message was there to greet them! From TV and radio ads, static and mobile billboards, newspaper ads and press stories as well as protesters all holding the same poster, handing out the same brochure and some wearing the same T-shirt — met the animal circus in cities across the U.S. And this time, their single message for the animals could not be ignored. 


Sharie never gave up volunteering her marketing and creative expertise to help nonprofits, rescues, sanctuaries and shelters build their brands, promote their events and amplify their messages to help save animals. And that’s what Shelter Swag is built on, helping animal shelters and rescues build their brands and promote their messages for the animals — and do it in a creative way that puts the “wag” in Swag! This unique business model allows Shelter Swag to help spread the love between numerous nonprofits at once to amplify the voice of those who cannot speak for themselves. 

Hygge bank

Help us fill up the Hygge Bank so we can made a withdrawal to pay out the neediest shelters with volunteer t-shirts!


Most t-shirt inks contain toxic chemicals, like PVC and phthalates? Yucky

stuff for you and

Mother Earth!


We work with animal shelters and rescues to help all companion animals find loving, forever homes.

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