How You Can Help

  • BOGO Buy One, Give one. Buy one of our BOGO shirts online to help raise awareness about animals and to help shelters get some swag. For every BOGO t-shirt purchased on our website, one is deposited into the “Hygge Bank”. When the balance is enough, we make a withdrawal and send tees to the neediest shelters for their volunteers.

  • Tell your favorite shelter or rescue about us! We have a Shelter Swag Pack Co-Op specifically for shelters to purchase their swag from for the best price. We also do online fundraisers for animal shelters using our designs or theirs to help them raise money and awareness. We take the hassle out of ordering, inventory and fulfillment so shelters can focus on their programs and saving more animals. Tell them to join our pack and have them contact us.


  • Paw it Forward. If you’d like to help a specific shelter or rescue with their swag, contact us and we’ll do a custom order for them.

  • Share Your Talent. Are you a great artist or graphic designer who loves animals? Send us your portfolio or shelter animal designs to info@shelterswag.com. If your style fits with Shelter Swag, we’ll work together to sell tees for shelters and rescues everywhere. Note that t-shirt designs should be one-color. You’ll get great visibility and can feel some Hygge for helping the animals. 


We put the "wag" in swag; so you not only look good but you'll feel even better wearing our merch.


Most t-shirt inks contain toxic chemicals, like PVC and phthalates? Yucky

stuff for you and

Mother Earth!


We work with animal shelters and rescues to help all companion animals find loving, forever homes.

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You get the best BOGO deals from Shelter Swag because the animals get in on the action! Find out how you make a difference.