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How You Can Help

  • Tell your favorite shelter or rescue about us! 
    We work with shelters to create unique swag for events and promotions. We also do online fundraisers for animal shelters using our designs or theirs to help them raise money and awareness. We take the hassle out of ordering, inventory and fulfillment so shelters can focus on their programs and saving more animals. Plus we love concepting exclusive ideas to make people stop and take notice of their great work!


  • Wag Your Swag
    Sometimes the quiet ones have the loudest voices! Just put on the Shelter Swag design with your favorite message and spread the word for animals without saying a word.

  • Share Your Talent
    Are you a talented artist or graphic designer who loves animals? Send us your portfolio or shelter animal designs to If your style fits with Shelter Swag, we’ll work together to sell products to help shelters and rescues. You’ll get great visibility and can feel some "Hygge" for helping the animals. 

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